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Purchase Transactions

  • Completed Signed Real Estate Sales Contract to include all addendums, disclosures, counter offers and compensation agreement
  • Buyer’s New Lender Contact information
  • Homeowner’s Insurance Contact Information
  • Marital Status of Buyer and Seller – Spouses will need to sign
  • Payoff Information for existing mortgages and liens to include Loan Number, Social Security Number and Phone Number
  • Any prior title insurance policy (10 year old, or less) for reissue credit
  • Termite Letter and Invoice
  • Home Owner’s Association contact information
  • Homebuyer’s Warranty
  • Repair Information
  • Probate Estate information if seller is an Estate
  • Trust Agreement if the property is in the name of a Trust
  • Power of Attorney – If a Power of Attorney is needed at closing, Victory Title & Escrow can assist you with the preparation and lender approval prior to closing