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What Services Does Victory Title & Escrow Provide?

At Victory Title & Escrow, we offer residential and commercial customers a timely, professional real estate closing for property located in ALL counties for the states of Tennessee. We believe the customer’s convenience matters and by providing the time and place of your closing be determined by YOU the customer, and/or the Real Estate Professional whether you are refinancing or purchasing a home.

We assist a variety of lending institutions, including Lenders, Banks, Mortgage Brokers and Private Lenders in connection with all aspects of real estate lending. We offer the broadest range of quality, cost-competitive real estate closing services, priding ourselves on professionalism and accuracy.

What Title Insurance Products Do We Provide?

In addition to our Lenders Policy, we offer you, the new homeowner, two types of Owners Policies to choose from to best suit your needs.

Basic Owners Policy

Our basic coverage protects against:

  • Someone claiming an ownership interest in your title.
  • Leases, contracts or options affecting your title.
  • Someone claiming to have rights affecting your title due to forgery or impersonation.
  • Someone having a right to limit your use of the land.
  • Unmarketability of your title.
  • A defective title.

Enhanced Policy

In addition to the coverage provided in the traditional Owner’s Policy, the HPT Policy offers new and expanded coverages, for a total of 29 covered risks.  Now you can purchase coverage against losses caused by:

  • Zoning violations
  • Subdivision law violations
  • Improvements that encroach into as easement
  • Building permit violations
  • Covenants, conditions and restrictions
  • Lack of vehicular and pedestrian access
  • Supplemental assessments arising as a result of construction or transfer prior to the policy date
  • Damage to your house caused from some with easement rights (Note: Some coverage’s are subject to deductibles & liability caps.)
  • Someone refuses to by your land because your neighbors’ structures are on you land
  • Your house or lawn and trees are being damaged by someone with rights to dig a well or mine

The HPT Policy provides more coverage than ever before.  Now you can have peace of mind that your title is protected, thereby increasing the resale potential title risks.  Victory Title & Escrow offers more coverage, more protection and more peace of mind.